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Founding words, Society of Research on JAPAN ORIGIN

Where does Japan come from and where will it go?

What is a Japanese, and being one, what does it mean?

Various forms of intellect have continued to challenge this endless question. Whether it be politics, economy, religion, philosophy, culture, art, the sciences of Space or medicine, we have all tried
to shed light on this question from one perspectives or the other, to elucidate its essence.

However, there was a fundamental point of view lacking in these.

If you compare this question to a vessel, light was not falling onto the "bottom" of the vessel, nor the "base" on which the vessel stands.
We formed a team to light the bottom and base of this vessel.
Light was applied to the foundations that hadn't been illuminated.
Then, at once, the entity emerged into space.

By adding the three dimensions of the space of terrain to the one dimension of time of history, the figure of Japan emerged as a four dimensional entity, and this floating figure was attractive.
It was easy to understand.
Difficult knowledge was unnecessary. Even children understood.

It was a moment when Japan of the past, present and future became our own.

Kotaro Takemura,

Founding Member of Japan Origin, and Secretary General of the Japan Water Forum

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May 28, 2019

Project presented for the first time to the public at AdWeek Asia - by the Tourism Commissioner of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Tabata & General Secretary of the Japan Water Forum, Mr Koichiro Takemura

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